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Walk on the Great Wall in Beijing, Witness the Terrecotta Warriors in Xian, cruise the mighty world’s 3rd longest Yangtze River, indulge the scenic city of Guilin, discover the natural marvel of Yellow Mountain and China’s paradise – Jiuzhaiguo National Park, cuddle pandas in Chengdu, follow the footstep of Marco Polo along the ancient Silk Road, explore the mysterious land of Tibet, China is the destination for everyone.

Adventure Tours
12 Days: China Silk Road Tour l Urumqi l Kashagar l Turpan l Dunhuang l Jiayuguan l Lanzhou l Xian (or vice versa)
Travel China Silk Road Tour along the Ancient Silk Road of china. Visit the beautiful Lake of Heaven in Urumqi, explore the world’s largest Sunday Bazar of Kashgar, visit the west end ...
from $2,930.00
12 Days: Lhasa l Yamdrok Lake l Xian l Beijing
A life time adventure tour of China! Visit the spiritual city of Lhasa, marvel at the architectural wonder: Potala Palace, see stunning turquoise Yamdrok Lake in Tibet, immerse in ...
from $3,188.00
10 Days: Adventure Tour China to Nepal: Lhasa l Gyantse l Shigatse l Mt. Everest Camp l Tingri l Zhangmu l Kathmandu (vice versa)
An adventure of a life-time through one of world’s most mysterious, remote and interesting places: the Tibetan Plateau from Lhasa to Nepal or vice versa. Visit Lhasa - “The Roof of the ...
from $2,980.00
Family Holidays
10 Days: Beijing l Guilin l Hong Kong
This China family holiday is designed for family travel with kids from toddlers to teenagers. Enjoy a family walk on the Great Wall of China, see adorable pandas, take a fun rickshaw ...
from $2,780.00
10 Days: Beijing l Xian l Chengdu l Shanghai
This family China tour package is filled with fun and adventurous experiences for families with teenagers on a China holiday. Walk the Great Wall in Beijing, marvel at the Terracotta ...
from $2,598.00
Luxury Holidays
10 Days: Luxury Travel China: Beijing l Xian l Hangzhou l Shanghai
This luxury China tour combines China’s cultural center of Beijing, ancient city of Xian, natural beauty of Hangzhou, and modern metropolitan of Shanghai, indulge yourself at China’s ...
from $2,998.00
Private Tours
10 Days: Beijing / Xian / Luoyang / Shaolin / Shanghai
On this China tour travel package go through the most important ancient cities in Chinese history, where you can take in the spiritual side of China. Walk the Great Wall in Beijing, ...
from $2,880.00
7 Days: Shanghai | Huangshan Mt | Hangzhou
On this China holiday, experience the contrasting of Old and Modern China in Shanghai. Discover China's most beautiful mountain - Huangshan, a UNESCO world heritage site for its ...
from $1,798.00
15 Days: Shanghai l Yangtze River Cruise l Guilin l Xian l Beijing
This Private China tour is a complete check list of history, culture, natural scenery, a Yangtze river cruise and authentic local cuisine & experiences. Experience the contrast of Old ...
from $3,647.00
10 Days: Beijing l Pingyao l Xian l Harbin
Enjoy a China tour in winter, see the world’s most spectacular snow sculptures at the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival, climb the Great Wall of China, visit quaint ancient town of Pingyao, ...
from $2,980.00
8 Days: Kunming l Dali l Lijiang l Tiger Leaping Gorge l Shangri-La (Zhongdian)
Yunnan is one of China’s most intriguing provinces offering rich cultures, diverse ethnic groups and stunning natural scenery. On this Yunnan tour discover natural wonder of Stone ...
from $2,546.00
Small Groups
12 Days: Changsha 1night l zhangjiajie 3 l train to Yichang  l Yangtze Cruise4  l Jiuzhaigou 2 l Chengdu 2
This luxury China tour is from Hong Kong to Shanghai. In between travel to the scenic city of Guilin and the beautiful rural town of Yangshou, cruise along the mighty Yangtze River, the ...
from $2,980.00
12 Days: Australia l Hong Kong l Guilin l Hangzhou l Shanghai l Australia
On this exciting China holiday tour, soak up the electric vibe of Hong Kong, explore the gorgeous scenery on the Li River cruise, admire the stunning landscape of ancient rice terraces ...
from $2,628.00
14 Days: Australia l Beijing l Pingyao l Xian l Guilin l Shanghai l Australia
Embark on a classic China tour in Beijing, walk the Great Wall, rickshaw ride through alleys of ancient residential areas. Wander through the quaint street of the ancient Pingyao town, ...
from $3,988.00
16 Days: Australia l Hong Kong l Guilin l Chengdu l Yangtze cruise l Xian l Beijng
This private tour of China starts with a 3 nights cruise along the mighty Yangtze River revealing soaring mountains and tranquil rivers. On-shore explore remote villages and Three ...
from $2,869.00
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